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Del Amo Behavioral Health System
A full-service mental/behavioral health facility offering services for youth and adults. Adult services include treatment for Eating Disorders, Trauma, Sexual Re3covery and Crisis Stabilization, Detoxification and general psychiatric care for both adults and adolescents.

Do It Now Foundation
Non-profit publisher of alcohol, substance abuse, and health information. Target audiences include middle school, high school and college students and their families.

Drug Strategies
Promotes more effective approaches to the nation's drug problems and supports private and public efforts to reduce the demand for drugs through prevention, education, treatment, law enforcement and community initiatives.

Employee Assistance Professionals Assocation (EAPA)
Largest and oldest professional assocation for persons in the employee assistance program field, representing more than 7,000 individuals and organizations with an interest in employee assistance in 107 chapters around the globe.

Entertainment Industries Council (EIA)
Founded by leaders in the entertainment industry to provide information, awareness and understanding of major public health and social issues among the entertainment industry and to audiences at large. EIC adresses issues including addictions to alcohol, legal and illegal stubstances, and nicotine.

Facing Alcohol Concerns through Education (FACE Initiative)
A national non-profit organization that focuses specifically on alcohol issues; conducts work in media development, training, and national advocacy.

Hazelden Foundation
A non-profit organization dedicated to helping people recover from alcoholism and other drug addiction. Provides residential and outpatient treatment for adults and young people, programs for families affected by chemical dependency, and training for a variety of professionals. Also premier publisher of information on this subject and related areas.

Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention
Provides support to all institutions of higher education in their efforts to address alcohol and other drug problems. Receives funding from the U.S. Department of Education and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

International Council on Alcohol and Addiction
A non-profit organization which brings together many national bodies and a wide range of professionals in different disciplines who exchange knowledge, ideas, advice, guidance, expertise, and research, facilitated by its conferences and other activities in the field of dependencies.

Intervention Resource Center
A site for friends and family of those who abuse alcohol and other drugs.

Jewish Alcoholics, Chemically Dependent Persons And Significant Others
A voluntary mutual-help group for Jews in recovery from alcohol and other chemical abuse. Through JASCS, recovering Jews and their families connect with one another, explore their Jewish roots, and discover resources within Judaism to enhance their recovery.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Largest U.S. foundation devoted to improving the health and health care of all Americans. Concentrates grant-making in three areas: assuring that all Americans have access to basic health care; improving care and support for people wih chronic health conditions; and promoting health and disease prevention by reducing the harm caused by substance abuse.

Johnson Institute
Improves and expands the public's understanding of addiction as a treatable illness, and promote the power and possibility of recovery from alcoholism, and other drug addiction.

Join Together
A national resource for communities fighting substance abuse and gun violence. A project of the Boston University School of Public Health.

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