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Located at:
1334 Post Avenue
Torrance, CA 90501
Phone: 310-328-1460
Fax: 310-328-1964

Outpatient Counseling Program - Provides individual counseling, group sessions, case management, alcohol/drug education, and parenting skills if indicated. Flexible and individualized treatment to assist in the development of a healthy, clean and sober life.

Contact: Barbara Smith, Program Director (310) 328-1460 ext. 226

Proposition 36 Program - Outpatient counseling, group sessions, alcohol/drug education, urine drug testing and documentation to court for non-violent offenders.

Contact: Jim Stump, Clinical Director (310) 328-1460 ext. 229

Adolescent Program - A 10-week program which focuses on alcohol/drug/tobacco education, acquiring program solving skills and developing a healthy drug free lifestyle. Urine drug screens available and 12-step participation strongly encouraged.

Contact: Monica Bezzi-Schutter, Program Director (310) 328-1460 ext. 231

Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Services - Provides alcohol/drug/tobacco community education classes, parenting skills training, policy and advocacy work for the prevention of substance abuse, information and referral, one-on-one consultations, evaluations/assessments, treatment planning, case management, outpatient services and high school based groups for students with alcohol and drug related problems.

Contact: Barbara Smith, Program Director (310) 328-1460 ext. 226

Tobacco Program - A policy and advocacy program to assist in the development of smoke free outdoor areas on the South Bay.

Contact: Joan Waddell, Tobacco Director (310) 328-1460 ext. 242

Domestic Violence Treatment Program for Batterers - Stopping the violence is the goal of this one year program for men, who must attend weekly counseling sessions.

Contact: Thomas Keister, Clinical Director (310) 328-1460 ext. 244

High Gain Drinking Driver Program - For persons convicted of a first offense. This program emphasizes alcohol/drug education, group counseling, individual sessions and self help group meetings. Licensed and certified by the State of California and Los Angeles County.

Contact: Debbie Guillen, Program Manager (310) 328-1460 ext. 228

Project Fatherhood - a free group for fathers who wish to become more involved in their children's lives. Focuses on historical components of their current fathering styles, development of additional fathering skills and problem solving in a group counseling setting. Groups for children and significant others are available.

Contact: Thomas Keister, Clinical Director (310) 328-1460 ext. 244

Family Preservation Program - In collaboration with the Department of Children & Family Services, NCADD/South Bay and a network of Human/Social Services agencies provide services to selected families and their children, always putting the safety of the children first.

Contact: Cassandra Johnson, Ph.D, Family Preservation Director (310) 328-1460 ext. 243

Family Support Program - Provides a School Readiness Counselor to 186th Street School in Gardena.

Contact: Fritz Hershey, School Readiness Counselor

Partnership For Families - Serves high risk families with children ages 0-5 years on a voluntary basis. PFF provides social services, in-home counseling, case management, family services and program linkages and other services as needed. The program works in collaboration with our South Bay social and human service providers.

Contact: Aubrey Slaughter, In Home Outreach Counselor (310) 328-1460 ext. 235

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